Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lemur linkup

At the start of the month I attended my first blogging network event hosted by Kara, JoEmma & Jackie Richmond of Splashdown & Lemur Landings. It was a chance for bloggers and brands to meet up and I was excited at the prospect of meeting some local bloggers and finding local businesses.

It felt weird being met by Kara as I felt like I already knew her from reading her blog. There were lots of great brands at the event. I could really feel the passion from the team at el RHEY with the colour me wellies. You can tell these are a well made quality product and perfect for gifts. I'm excited to see them launch soon.

The ware street market stall caught my eye and I loved the little handmade pegs. These will look great in the boys new playroom and I love that the crafts sold through ware street market are from independent crafters.

RockReef is somewhere I would love to try and I'm sure the boy will be visiting them lots as he grows up. The enthusiasm from Farmer Palmers was clear to see and the farm looks awesome so we are hoping to visit in the half term for some Halloween fun. 

The thought of the tower at the Weymouth Sealife Center sent chills down my spine but the center looks great with lots to do and is somewhere we can spend the whole day! We only lasted 15 minutes at a rival aquarium.

I was able to get stuck in on the create it all stand and made my own hanging heart whilst talking to Lauren and hearing about how the business started as a legacy to her mother. This is also where I meet the lovely Dawn (Bella's mum) from dear mummy blog.

I really enjoyed chatting to Dawn and we share a passion for getting out and about with our little ones and despite visiting the same places we have never meet. You never know we might meet up at Farmer Palmers or one of the crafting classes at create it all during the half term as we loved the idea of both of them.

Another new brand to me was postsnap which seems perfect for me. It's an app which allows you to send cards with photo's directly from your apple device or taken from facebook. Watch out family this years Christmas cards might arrive on time!

Another local blogger I was keen to meet was Amy from everything mummy and luckily Amy recognised me from my Mummy to boyz heart I made earlier in the evening. Amy has just started a new linky Sunday Star's which is about linking up your favorite post of the week.

It was lovely chatting to the hosts at the end of the night as they had been busy ensuring the event ran smoothly and we all posed for a #Lemurlinkup selfie (credit Emma, @theprmummy.) Thank you for a great event ladies.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pumpkin patch kids

I recently saw a picture of a pumpkin patch on the muddy puddles twitter feed and thought how awesome it would be to find our local field.

A quick Google search and I found Pickwell Farm was fairly local and they had a PYO pumpkin patch. My excitement was building and so was the boys!

He has seen the Curious George pumpkin special enough to replay it word for word and wanted to take all the pumpkins just like George.

We headed into the field in search of the perfect pumpkin which had to be as big as our head and perfect for carving.

There was plenty to choose from and the pictures looked great - I just wish I took my DSLR instead of relying on my phone.

As we went with friends we managed to get a picture together whilst the husband was at work.

My favorite picture was taken by my friend with the boy and her son with their chosen pumpkins.

We paid £2 per picked pumpkin regardless of the size and we all had a great time picking our pumpkins.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Having fun with squeezy cheese

We were recently sent a surprise package of squeezy cheese from Primula and encouraged to create some recipes with the kids. I must admit at first I wasn't keen on the idea of cheese coming from a tube but as all profits go to the Kavli trust charity I thought we would give it a go. 

The boys were keen to get started straight away with the boy wanted to make a dinosaur - it didn't look much like a dinosaur so we opted for faces instead.

A healthy after school snack which they helped to prepare and had lots of fun doing. 

The faces were a success so we moved onto homemade pizza's. With no bases in the house we improvised with some bread rolls cut in half. Covered them with a tomato pesto and squeezed away. 

The young one was so keen to get eating we made some eye balls whilst the pizza's cooked.

The boys and I had lots of fun with the cheese and will defiantly be buying more. Thank you Primula for our surprise gift.

Disclosure: We were gifted the cheese and encouraged to have fun with it but were not obliged to write about it. All opinions are honest and my own.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First parents evening

This week we had the boys first parents evening. If I'm being honest I wasn't expecting much after the biting incidents and the fact he can't sit still without something to hold at home.

With the sticker charts being a huge success Mrs Cupcake has noticed a massive improvement in how the boy handles situations. He also has no problem with sitting still and is the first on the mat so he can sit directly in front of Mrs Cupcake.

He is eager to please and has the requirements for  1-10 down to a tea with 14-16 causing him a bit of trouble when continuing to count to 20. He can hold a pen properly and write a few letters with 's' looking a bit like a snake with an extra half an 's' added on.

He shows empathy towards others and will try and cheer up any children who are sad. He has a new little chum who he adores and as soon as we get to school he is seeking her out.