Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Shall we camp in the mud?

We have been planning a little camping trip to the great Dorset steam fair, it sounds great until you look out the window see the rain then see the pictures and updates on their social media sites. Think Glastonbury on a muddy year! Now we have to decide whether to camp or not. The boy has been looking forward to camping but for it to work and still be fun I reckon we need the following.

1) Wellies
2) Waterproofs - not only for the rain but also for keeping clean from the mud. This will mean shorts instead of trousers as you get too hot otherwise. The young one just about fits into his cosy muddy puddles bibs and braces so he is sorted. I just wish they did adult sizes!
3) A clean tent - if we can keep the mud out we will be ok - right?
4) A gazebo of some sort to keep up dry whilst we take off the muddy things and so we can hang them up to dry. We were thinking of the dome type but boy are they expensive! We are thinking this tarp from Decathlon might work instead?
5) Cider

What else do you think we need to make it through a couple of nights in the muddy and potentially wet weekend at the steam fair?

The best toothbrush ever!

The boy was offered a Rockabilly toothbrush from The Rockabilly Kid. I first saw these a while a go on a kickstarter campaign so am thrilled to see that they made it to market as they look fab!

It is a toothbrush which won't lie flat no matter how hard you try - the boy even threw it down the stairs and it landed the right way up with no damage. I wouldn't recommend doing this! The mind of a four year old is his oyster when you tell him to try and get it to fall over. See it in action below:

Both boys really wanted one so we bought another one for the young one. You can buy them from boots, ocado, e-bay, alliance healthcare, jojo maman bebe, selfridges & intamarque.

The toothbrushes at £6.99 may seem expensive at  first glance but you get four heads so it is excellent value for money! 

The boy liked being able to change his head like mummy and daddys and even swapped the blue head for the green bottom and vice versa.

There are six rockabilly's in the collection. Three which feature boys, astronaut - dark blue, cowboy - yellow, footballer - green and three girls vet - light blue, chef - light pink and superstar - dark pink. 

Would we recommend them - 100%! They are fun, good value and hygienic.

Disclaimer: We were sent one rockabilly toothbrush to review in exchange for an honest review. All views are honest and my own. 

Staying safe in the water

Swimming is such a valuable life skill and it's one reason why we have taken the boys swimming since they were only a couple of months old. They both have loads of confidence in the water and the boy can swim small distances by himself. Yes I'm proud!

One of the local swimming schools near us is Water Babies and I've only heard good things about them. My friends children learnt to swim with them - properly and the instructor is fab (I may know her) but for us they were just too far away. I wonder if that's why 40% of children haven't had a swimming lesson by the time they are 12? *according to water babies research.

Here's some tips Water Babies have provided to stay safe int he water - some may seem obvious but they need to be remembered even when on holiday.

Actively supervise young children around water 
If leaving, even for a moment, take your child with you or designate a known adult to supervise. Make sure that the person supervising can swim themselves and will happily jump into the water to rescue a struggling child. Don’t ask older siblings to watch younger children – they’re not trained or mature enough to be given such a responsibility.

Be safety conscious at the poolside
Save the local emergency numbers on your mobile phone on the first day of your holiday and make sure your whole family knows where the rescue equipment and lifeguards are based.

Flotation devices are not life preservers.

Toys and inflatables are often unstable and can be a hazard without adequate supervision. They are never a replacement for adult supervision.

Do not swim at beaches with large waves, a powerful undertow or no lifeguards 

Find out where the lifeguards are and learn water symbols and flags indicating current beach conditions. Follow their advice.

Stay sober
Drinking can impair your supervision and swimming skills – especially when combined with the mid-day heat.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in anyway to write this post.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The importance of a helmet!

I see so many young children riding bikes and scooters without helmets. Our eldest son used to be one of them until he caught his scooter on some water and came off with a whack to his head. We now insist on him wearing one or there is no scooter.

We therefore had to insist the young one wears one too after we bought him his first scooter. He may not be going fast but we need to set a precedent. He knows he has to wear one and he will ask for his helmet when he wants his scooter.

However, at the weekend he sat on it before putting his helmet on. The boy was being playful and pushed him back. The young one found it funny to scoot back to him so the boy would push him away again. It was only a short distance less than a meter so I left them to it whilst I was preparing their lunch whilst hearing them giggling together having harmless fun.....

Next thing the young one had gone into the edge of the wall at low speed and cracked his head open. It stopped bleeding almost straight away but it looked too deep to leave. We took him to the pharmacist for advice on whether he needed to go to A&E or if it could be dressed. 

A trip to hospital was in order so four and a half hours later we were heading home after he had been glued together again. He's fine but it goes to show the damage can be done at very low speeds so it's important to wear a helmet!

Being held together with glue.