Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Potty training

This isn't a post I thought I would be writing yet but it seems the young one is in too much of a hurry to rid himself of baby status.

Recently I bought a potty to have lying around so L would get used to seeing it. We didn't make a big deal of it, didn't tell him he needed to use it but suddenly it just appeared. They also have potty's at nursery for the older children.

The young one is more of a streaker than the boy. Randomly he will have a paddy because he just wants to be de-clothed for 5 minutes. He also used to suffer nappy rash so we let him have nappy free time after his bath. Then one day whilst I was preparing dinner the boy shouted that L had done a wee on the potty. I didn't see this first milestone but I was around for the number two a few days later that also emerged on his post bath nappy free time.

I wasn't ready, I didn't have tracksuit bottoms for him to easily pull up and down and we were so busy on the run up to Christmas I did nothing about it. Well that was until he started pulling his nappy after each wee. On boxing we were home so I decided to let him go nappy free. He did brilliantly so I put trousers on him for the afternoon whilst we had guests and he was still accident free with trousers (no pants.)

This was going well until day three when we headed to the beach to release some cabin fever and I kept asking him if he needed the potty. It had been a while so I decided to try him - well I must have scared him because day 4 was awful!

He would go near his potty and kept wetting himself but not a full bladder just a few drops here and there. I was worried in case he had a water infection from holding his wee at the beach but luckily this was all ok. We decided to put nappies back on him and just try again when he was showing he wanted to pull them off again. He was back in nappies for three days when he started asking to use his potty again. I decided if he was ready then he would be ok with pants and trousers so put pants on him too. There were a couple of dirty accidents but most of the time he did brilliantly.

So there we were with him due a full day at nursery in pants and trousers. I took plenty of spare clothes and nappies with us with the expectation he would be coming home in the last pair of trousers in a nappy. Imagine my shock when he was accident free all day. That was it the turning point, no nappies for the school run and I stopped asking him if he needs to go to the toilet. The young one is now potty trained (except for overnight obviously.)

Independence I'm coming for you!! 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Win A Family Ticket To In The Night Garden Live

Anyone with young children would have heard about In The Night Garden but did you know they have a live tour? The popular show is back for 2015 and you have a chance to win a family ticket by clicking on the link here. Be quick the competition closes on the 19th January.

2015 In The Night Garden Live Tour Dates

Live Quarter at The O2, LONDON: 28 May - 13 June

Richmond Old Deer Park, LONDON: 20 June - 4 July

Cannon Hill Park, BIRMINGHAM: 11 - 25 July

The Trafford Centre, MANCHESTER: 1 - 22 August

Queen's Park, GLASGOW: 29 August - 12 September



BOX OFFICE: 0333 300 0023


On Friday 30 January at 9am tickets go on sale to the general public for the 2015 

tour of IN THE NIGHT GARDEN LIVE. Prior to this, there will be an exclusive 

Pre-Sale on Tuesday 27 January for registered users only.

Show website & trailer: www.NightGardenLive.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NightGardenLive

Twitter: @NightGardenLive

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Obese 4 year old

There's a lot of hype surrounding childhood obesity at the moment with figures quoting that around one third of children are over weight. The matrix measures their height and weight and plots it against their age to give a BMI reading. However, the system is flawed and I'm sure it's sent many parents into a spin about their supposedly obese child who has visible ribs when naked.

According to the chart the boy would be in the very overweight category because he is four (nearly five.) This is another way of saying your four year old is obese. However, if I alter his date of birth to make him older he is suddenly a healthy weight. This is the problem! The matrix doesn't take into account that some children are taller than average.

Should it matter whether he is 4 or 8 when comparing his height to his weight? Are other parents aware that the age of their child could be the deciding factor on whether they have a child in the healthy weigh range or a supposedly obese child and their GP has been informed?

If someone actually looked at my boy they will see he isn't obese. Yes he is heavier than some of his peers but he is also stronger and taller than them too. Surely someone should actually look at the child before stating that a four or five year old is obese!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Guest post - Mummy tries

Today on the blog I have a guest post from the lovely ReneĆ© who blogs at Mummy Tries. Renee's blog is one of the first I read and I honestly have no idea how she manages to accomplish so much! Think sleep deprived super mum who has also written a book in between - over to you Renee.

My first book Become the Best You went on sale last month. It details how I broke free from a dysfunctional past to ensure that my children have a dramatically different upbringing to the one I had. I've been talking about writing a book for a very long time, and always imagined it would be a memoir. Then I had some advice last year to write it as a self-help book, and once I got my head around that (I’ve read lots of self-help books but had never written one after all) I realised it would be a good move.

I began writing in January when I went on maternity leave with my third baby. After a flying start the first month it all slowed down when our little man made his appearance mid-February. I took a few months off while he was tiny and the family adjusted to the new addition, and started writing again in the spring. Making the very most of the lighter days I got a lot of it written on my tablet during and after baby had his early morning feed. This allowed me up to two hours to write each day depending on when my girls woke up.
By the end of the summer I had what I considered to be a pretty good first draft on my hands, which I sent off to a handful of trusted friends for their thoughts. I also sent it to a few agents which I now realise was premature, and led to two rejections. Although the feedback from friends was really positive self-doubt washed over me and I made the decision to pay for a professional critique by a top literary agency. It was the best money I spent because the editor that went through my manuscript highlighted all the gaps and offered some brilliant advice on how to fill them.
I remember sitting there on several occasions in tears, thinking it was too mammoth a task and I just wasn't capable of it. Thankfully I managed to squash those demons, and as the book started to properly take shape throughout autumn I began feeling confident that I had written something pretty decent. I spent a long time pondering over whether I should search for an agent, but my fabulous husband (always the voice of reason) swayed me to just bite the bullet and self-publish. The main thing putting me off was that I wanted it to be available to buy as a paperback and I thought self-publishing just meant e-books. That was until I discovered CreateSpace, an Amazon company that offer a one stop shop self-pub solution. They have the resources to print on demand, which took care of my little dilemma. As well as this you can add your book to the kindle library, and they also offer other distribution channels, which include getting your work into bookshops. If that's not enough, they offer great royalties. Seriously, what's not to like? 
Self-publishing used to be seen as a last resort, but not anymore. We live in an exciting era, full of endless possibilities for people like me. Although I’m not completely averse to the idea of finding an agent at some point during my writing journey, for now I’m proud to tick the independent author box.   
ReneĆ© Davis blogs at Mummy Tries about life, parenting and surviving a dysfunctional childhood. She has just published her first book Become the Best You which is available to buy from Amazon as a paperback or kindle download