Thursday, 12 September 2013

Farm shopping

When I saw a post on Love British Foods twitter asking for people to shout out for their favourite local produce I felt compelled to write about our local farm shop Sunnyfield's. (The article can be found here.)

We have been visiting Sunnyfield's after attending a charity festival 'Pulse' which was raising money for the children's heart unit at Southampton hospital three years ago because it was hosted on Sunnyfield's farm. This not only proved to be a great family day out but it also changed how we shopped. We visited the farm shop and cafĂ© during the day and were honestly shocked at how little the produce cost considering it is mostly organic and free range.

The produce is superb and reasonably priced and they regularly have special offers on selected meats and seasonal vegetables. Eating well doesn't have to cost the earth but you might need to change what you cook. For example pork is a lot cheaper than chicken.

Our son particularly loves the sausages and I love the fact that they don't come out of the oven swimming in a bath of fat. My favourite has got to be the lamb and we recently picked up a rack of prepared lamb with a very yummy crusty topping for £3.50. I'm hoping there is going to be more this week when we go back. My husband is a big fan of the buffalo mince and venison steak as he prefers the stronger taste over the beef.

You can sample the delicious all day breakfast for little over £5 which is always a belly filler or even just pop in for a refreshing strawberry smoothie although we have to buy extra because our son usually devours his and then asks to share ours.

We now try to buy all our meat and eggs on the farm and choose to shop at our local fruit and veg shop for our other fresh producing only using the supermarkets for bits and bobs through out the week. You would think this would be costing us more but it doesn't.

We could do better with our food budgeting but quiet honestly I haven't got the time or energy to plan ahead right now. We could have easily spent £100 plus on a supermarket shop which wouldn't have seen us through the week and would have been full of processed crap. The result we feel crap and hungry. Now we spend £20-25 a week at the farm shop for meat, eggs and a few other extras including the most gorgeous hot chocolate. We spend another £15-20 at the green grocers and no more than £30 at the supermarket so we are saving money eating quality produce and supporting local businesses -who would have thought it?


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