Sunday, 20 October 2013

Stressful Sunday!

Once a fortnight the hubby has some me time in the form of remote control car racing- yes I know he is the biggest kid there is! It's an early start 8.15 until lunchtime so at least it doesn't take the whole day. Today is race day so I was adamant to get out the house and not waste the morning.

I saw Cineworld were showing the Disney planes film for their kids club and thought at £1.50 per ticket it was too good to miss. It would also be a good test to see if he ready for the cinema without breaking the bank. The reason these tickets are cheap is because it's the early screening 10am and we live 30mins drive away. 

Decision made at 8.30 so I have an hour to get the boys and I washed, dressed and fed. I tell the boy our plans in the hope it will make the process easier. He is excited and refusing any offerings of breakfast. I proceed to make the babies porridge and the boy announces he is hungry - he continues to jump up and down demanding I lift him to where the crisps are kept whilst repeatedly reminding me that he is hungry.We negotiate and settle on a sandwich which he has to make 'by me self' and help from me would see the sandwich go in the bin. 

The baby is grizzling as he can see his breakfast on the side waiting to cool and is frustrated at our make shift fridge lock. The boy empties the cooking draw all over the floor looking for playdoh.

We are all eventually ready to go but before we leave we have a game of chase and the boy sliding all over the floor telling me the floor is making him slippery. 

On the journey to town the manages to cut his thumb on a miniature tape measure- great! He looks sad so I ask him if sweets will make it better- he says no mummy only your mouth can take the ouchie away (love him and magic kisses.)

At the cinema we arrive with a few minutes to spare but are greeted by queues which are slow moving and full of rows and rows of £3 bag of sweets either side of us. Luckily for me the boy isn't really interested in them, he is a picky eater and would rather a bag of grapes. We are third in line but it still takes 15 minutes to be served. I thought we were going to loose our space as the boy decided to run round the lobby. 

We are in but all the booster seats are taken. I spy one little girl who is say on three now there is little point in this as they are designed to be stacked. I politely ask if we could use one as there are none left and the mother agrees but rolls her eyes at me. I ignore this, thank her and we take our seats. 

We manage 20 mins before the boy needs a wee. Another 10 and he needs a poo. He doesn't wait for me and runs straight out of the cinema I quickly chuck our stuff back into my bag and babe in arms we run after him. We are probably only half way in and we are 2 Capri suns, 1 bag of hula hoops, 1 pack of animal biscuits, 1 bag of fruit sweets and two fruit pouches down and I'm running out of supplies! 

The boy doesn't want to sit down when we return but want to stand and lean against the chair a row in front. The baby is tired so I try and feed him to sleep, he bites me so this is stopped in its tracks and I have a crying baby and a runaway 3 yr old. We leave.

In the foyer the arcade games call to the boy. He has a mini strop when I decline his request for a turn. I give him the choice to watch the rest of the film or go home. The film won and we head back inside. This time I sit on the end, the baby goes to sleep and the boy well he alternates between sitting nicely, standing through the seat and trying to walk across the seats. 

Lesson learnt- he is not ready and I should never have attempted it on my own. Next time we will just head to the forest! 


  1. I was thinking of taking my eldest to see Planes as he loves the Cars movie - you have put me off a bit now though ;)

    1. You'll prob have s great time - if I left the baby at home I'm sure we would have been ok. The boy was also tired so that didn't help. Check your local kids club as I know a few of the other cinemas (vue & empire) also had planes showing for the kiddie mornings- enjoy :-)