Monday, 9 December 2013

The house that the boy made

Last year the boy and I attempted to make a gingerbread house from one of the Ikea kits. This was a bit of boy and mummy bonding after the young one came along.

I say it didn't go well in the sense that it fell and broke and we couldn't get it to stand up. It was still great to spend time with the boy but there was no house to speak of.

This year we picked up a kit from Morrison's, the kit has everything included including the icing and sweets for £4.99. I didn't have high expectations and thought that we would be decorating slabs of gingerbread without a house in sight. Especially as two pieces were damaged.

I was wrong, the icing was excellent and stuck the walls together ( including the  broken bits) with only a few seconds of being held in place. This meant we could start decorating straight away before the boy finished off all the sweets. 

We used the box as a template and had finished in half an hour so it was a perfect activity to keep the boy busy before gym tots. 

We have picked up a couple more sets and will be making them up to give as presents to our neighbours. 

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