Tuesday, 21 January 2014

School is near

Last week saw the school admissions deadline. I can't quiet believe that my boy is older enough for school but I know that he is ready for it. He is becoming more inquisitive everyday and seeks answers to everything!

Mummy why do I have a heart, what made the thunder, how many bones are in my body, why is the sky blue ? - you get the picture.

He may be ready and I may have spent hours worrying, researching & visiting schools to find the right fit for him but it doesn't stop me feeling apprehensive. The boy is boisterous preferring to be outside than inside so how will he cope having to sit still without hanging upside down on a chair? 

He's not the best listener either if he doesn't want to hear you and is very head strong so I sure he is going to be fun for his new teacher. I worry that the teacher might not understand him as his speech although getting better is still not clear - thanks glue ear.

Are these my genuine worries or just a result of knowing that my boy is going to have a new influence, a massive personality changing influence in just a few months time? 

The application is in so we are now keeping our fingers crossed that he gets in the same school as his cousin. This might be wishful thinking as our choices are out of catchment & over subscribed. All are different so it was a difficult choice but here they are:

1) A small village school with small classes. Two form entry & a flexible learning approach with mixed years.

2) An excellent school with 3 form entry good results, integrated syllabus but large classes.

3) A very small infant school with well behaved children & small class. It's a lot further away and parking is limited. 

If you're wondering why we didn't choose our catchment school find out here.

So get ready chosen school because this little man is coming to join you.  He may be loud but he is good fun and has an infectious smile and yes he is climbing over my head.

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