Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My boy can swim!

The boy used to attend swimming lessons but he got bored as he couldn't just play for the whole session so we stopped. We still went at the weekends and his confidence rocketed once he had goggles and dive sticks.

He quickly learnt how to swim under water for a short distance but would always stand up when he needed a breath. Thinking the life guards might frown upon us if we took him into the deep pool at our local leisure centre we made the most of the pool at Marwell hotel. The boy couldn't touch the bottom so decided to see if he could take a breath and carry on again.

He did! It's not the most elegant of swims but hopefully it could save his life if the need every arises and I am a very proud mummy.

After a few lengths he got tired and decided to roll around as well as making it to the other side - here he is in action.


  1. One of the most important skills to master! Well done little man :)