Monday, 14 July 2014

How to survive Peppa Pig World

We don't live far from Paultons Park, the host of Peppa Pig World, so when we won tickets in the Hampshire Top 10 attractions fathers day competition we saved ourselves a few quid and headed along for the boys last term time trip. We used to have season tickets so here's how we maximise a full day at Paultons Park.

1) Get there early and head straight for either the windy castle or helicopter ride if the queues are short do these now! Do not get distracted by the fab looking Carousel it will still be there in half an hour. The helicopter ride is the longest queue due to how the ride is loaded. (IMO it's not worth the wait but little people don't understand this)

2) As soon as you have done these make an exit to the tractor ride & wave runner located to the side of Peppa Pig World. These will have virtually no queue and you even get chance to have your picture taken.

The little 'coin' rides scattered about the park are on free play so no change needed just go up and ride as many times as you like. Perfect for when younger siblings are waiting for the big brother even if they won't use them properly.

3) Make your way (not through Peppa Pig World) round to the train entrance it is just the other side of the cafe in front of the carousel - again expect little or no queue. It's a nice little ride around the outside of Peppa Pig World so you can scope out what's to come later. You will see ducks and possibly geese as you make your way round.

4) The carousel is not to be missed - the little ones will love it and even if you are in a carriage some of them move! The braver ones will want to be upstairs.

5) Make your way through the gardens spotting the wildlife and maybe even stop for a picnic in this peaceful spot. Perfect for pushing smaller tots to sleep too.

6) Let lunch go down by making the most of one of the play parks scattered around the water kingdom or let the kids run free in the splash park. You will find Mr Whippy ice-cream at the kiosk here too.

7) The short queues will mean you can complete the magic carpet, log flume, digger ride, seal ride, sky swinger, dragon ride (if you don't mind feeling sick!,) trampolines, bouncy castle, flying frog (over ones can ride with an adult), rabbit ride and astroglider in no time at all. In fact you could do them over and over again.

8) Walk through the land of the dinosaurs to restore some calm and spot the dinosaurs.

9) Keep left in the gardens to exit by the stinger - if there' a queue it moves really quickly and you don't even have to be a meter to ride this 'proper' roller coaster.

10) Walk through the wind in the willows and marvel as the little people glow up under the UV light.

11) Short queues again on the Viking boats, Kontiki, teacups, jumping jacks & pirate ship.

12) Go past the tortoise house and back into Peppa Pig World through the penguins.

13) Leave the helicopter ride till the end but you'll be able to make your way round Peppa Pig World with shorter queues, less buggies and screaming children around so it's much more enjoyable.

14) Stop into the 4d cinema for the final viewing.

15) Promise Mcdonald's for tea - it's a 2 minute drive at Ower just before you head back onto the motorway and will ensure you pass through the shop which you have to go through to exit with minimal tantrums.


  1. We've been and did the same as you and went on the tractor, wave rider and train. The boy isn't arsed about peppa so it was great when we figured out the non branded rides had no queues :) x

    1. It's so much nicer when you don't have to queue - I can't be arsed either lol x

  2. Congrats on winning the tickets lovely. Sounds like you had a great day out, and you've given some fab pointers here. We were tempted to go for my eldest's birthday last weekend but decided against it in the end xx

    1. Thank you, it is a fab day out but PPW get stupidly busy which is why we try and avoid it lol x

  3. You must have been so happy to win the tickets! If my kids knew there is a 'Peppa Pig World', I would never hear the end of it. It looks like a great day out. Maybe one day...

    1. Yes it was so jammy! We had promised to take O again before the schools break up so it saved us a fortune!

  4. great tips Laura. we have been twice now and my advice would be to go during term time as the queues are very small and you can go on more rides x
    thanks for allowing me to use in my carnival (live from the 12th) x

  5. We've visited Paultons Park twice this year and my toddler loves it, especially the Peppa bit! The first time was in term time and it was great, hardly any queues, not many people. Then we made the fatal error of returning in the summer holidays on an organised trip with our local childrens centre - OMG, never again!!!! We had to queue for an hour to get on that bloody balloon ride!!